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  • Tianjin Italian Style Street
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  • Tianjin Italian Style Street

    Tianjin Italian Style Street is located in Hebei District, not far away from the railway station. 

    Back in the early 20th century of Tianjin, there have been eight countries in setting up their concessions. Foreigners in the construction of European-style builedings for working and residence. A marine lieutenant named Filete was ordered to build Italian style buildings here, which was the origin of the Italian Style Town.

    Nowadays, the Italian Style Street has been more like a scenic spot rather than a concession. In the past few years, the whole area has become a leisure zone. Especially when the bright lights are just turned on, you could call some friends to have a  exotic dinner  or drink some beer. 

    In a word, it is a good place for historical review and mind relaxing.

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