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  • Haihe River
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  • Haihe River

    The Haihe River runs through Tianjin city itself and the itinerary gives tourists the opportunity of seeing a unique landscape.

     On one side there is Haihe Park with a bank of 19.8km long and an area of 2.3 hectares. Grass and trees cover more than  200,000 square meters of the park and there is the 75-meter-wide Yongchun Spring Waterfall as well as bronze sculptures called "Two Dragons play Pearls" and "Na zha stirs Sea". On the right bank of the river, there are virous gardens such as the Youth, the Grass and Flower, Spring  Flower, Rose and Autumn Scene gardens. Other attractions include the Spring Recreational Park, a skating rink and the waterside club. On the river there are many unique bridges including Jingang,Sizilin, Jiefang,Daguangming and so on.

    With its long history and beauty, the Haihe River attracts visitor from all over the world. It is  a charming river endowed with sea strength and river tenderness. 

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