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  • The Second Conference-Themes (2016)
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  • Human health is heavily impacted by the surrounding environment, starting from the mother’s uterus, our first home. Increasing studies are trying to interpret the language of our body reaction to the environment pollutants. On one hand, new findings continue to have been accumulated for traditional contaminants, including their environmental fate, eco-toxicity, and human exposure. On the other hand, increasing number of new and emerging contaminants have been added to the list of human health concerns. It is therefore necessary to strategize a long-term plan examining the interplay between environment pollution and human health. In June 2015, we successfully hosted the First International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Health, with more than 200 researchers all over the world attending the meeting. Building upon the success and impacts of the first meeting, we are looking forward to having the second one.
    In 2016, the second conference will have more than 600 scientists enrolled. The session topics and Chairs are shown in the following:
      1. Analytical methods for identifying emerging, remerging and unknown contaminants in environmental and biological samples (Chair: Jianwen She, California Department of Health, USA; Co-Chair: Ying Guo, Jinan University, China)
      2. Bioavailability in toxicity evaluation and identification (Chair: Michael J. Lydy, South Illinois University, USA; Co-Chair: Jing You, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, CAS, China)
      3. Climate change, environment and public health (Chair: Philip C. Nasca, University at Albany, State University of New York, USA; Co-Chair: Shao Lin, University at Albany, State University of New York, USA)
      4. Environmental computational chemistry (Chair: Weiping Lin, Zhejiang University, China; Co-Chair: Jingwen Chen, Dalin University of Technology)
      5. Environmental exposure and maternal, infant and child health (Chair: William A. Suk, National Institutes of Health, USA; Co-Chair: Xia Huo, Shantou University, China)
      6. Environmental endocrine disruptors and human health (Chair: Yunhui Zhang, Fudan University, China; Co-Chair: Adrian Covaci, University of Antwerp Universiteitsplein 1, Belgium)
      7. Environmental nanotechnology & nanoimpact (Chair: Chengdong Zhang, Naikai University, China; Co-Chair: Sijin Liu, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS, China; Co-Chair: Wei Chen, Naikai University, China)
      8. From source to outcome: advancing ecological risk assessment through integration of chemicals structure, genome diversity & ecosystems service (Chair: Xiaowei Zhang, Naijing University, China; Co-Chair: Jong-Seong Khim, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea)
      9. Human exposure to chemicals of emerging concern (Chair: An Li, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA; Co-Chair: Da Chen, South Illinois University, USA)
      10. Indoor environment and human health (Chair: Yifan Li, Harbin Institute of Technology, China; Co-Chair: Hyo-Bang Moon, Hanyang University, Republic of Korea
      11. Microplasticenvironmental fate, ecotoxicity, quantitation methods & health effects (Chair: Eddy Y. Zeng, Jinan University, China; Co-Chair: Charles S. Wong, University of Winningpeg, Canada)
      12. Probing the environmental fate and human exposure of emerging contaminants (Chair: Kelvin Leung, Hong Kong Baptist University, China; Co-Chair: Angela Yu-Chen Lin, National Taiwan University)
      13. Trends in air pollution, climatic change and health effects (Chair: Min Shao, Peking University, China; Co-Chair: Xuemei Wang, Sun Yat-sen University, China; Co-Chair: Shaw Liu, Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia, Sinica, Taiwan)
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