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  • The Fifth Conference-Session Topics (2019)
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  • 2 Emerging Pollutants in the Environment

    l Identification, Fate and risk evaluation of Emerging Pollutants (PPCPs, EDs etc)

    l Environmental and Bio-safety Aspects of Nanotechnologies

    l Remediation for Environmental Microbial Pathogens and Resistance Genes

    2 Air Pollution and Human Health

    l Trends in Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Human Health

    l Atmospheric Emission source and Health Effect

    l Advanced Technologies for Air Pollution Control and Risk Assessment

    2 Innovative Technologies for Urban Water and Smart Management

    l Green Bio-refineries for Biomass Waste and Environment

    l Sustainable Water Treatment and Resource Recovery

    l Big Data and artificial intelligence in water management

    2 Contaminated-Soil Environment and Risk Assessment

    l Soil Pollution Control, Remediation and Risk Assessment

    l Soil-Contaminant Interface Processes

    l Soil Pollution Monitoring, Early Warning Systems and Information Management

    2 Environment and Ecosystem

    l Water Environmental Radio Chemistry

    l Ecosystem-Atmosphere interactions

    l Urban Nexus and Sustainability

    l Environmental Ecological Engineering Technology

    2 Microplastics: Knowledge, Actions and Solutions

    l Environmental Fate, Bioaccumulation and Quantification of Microplastics

    l Impact of Microplastics on Ecosystems and Human Beings

    l Management Strategies and Future Steps

    2 Human Exposure and Mechanism

    l Identification of Novel Contaminants in Biological Samples

    l Human Exposure with Occupational Population

    l Metabolisms and Mechanisms of Contaminants

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